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  • Hints and tips developed over the last 10 years in the industry.
  • Proven SIMPLE and straight forward nutrition advice.
  • Why YOU need to stop with the sh&^ diets you’ve tried.
  • How you can still lose weight and still enjoy pizza.
  • Proven food plans BASED on your calorie intake.
  • EASY meal ideas for you and your family.

Everything you need as a busy man or woman t0 help you achieve your weight loss goal. We know its tough… kids, family and work, add into the mix a whirlwind of a 2020! Even trying to find time to look after yourself can be hard! Our Shortcuts to Success Guide is PROVEN in our fitness studio with over 1000 members and NOW we want to help YOU!

Impulsive people are more likely to WANT a change.


Who we are?

What started out as a small studio in the heart of Northumberland, has revolutionised the game in body transformations. Project:U continues to lead the way, year on year with our members ever challenging needs in the modern day living evolution.

Our awareness and close contact with each member quickly dictated the need for our growth to help more and more people transform their lives. That demand manifested itself within 18 months into a packed 10,000 sq ft studio providing over 1400 clients with truly breathtaking results in a variety of different forms.

From weight loss and inches of body fat, to those wanting to gain weight. That “feel good factor” to those wanting increased muscle definition and toning – we hear you and we’ve got you covered! To those that are already active – fantastic. Like Bon Jovi said “We’re halfway there…”, but there’s so much to learn and control from nutrition to your mindset, preparation and planning. There’s nothing we haven’t seen and nobody we haven’t been able to help.  Everyone has their own story to tell and our aim is to hear each and everyone of you. Our clients range from the busiest of mothers with kids and a full time job, to those suffering long term illness. Does your work life balance constantly dictate your mood? Feeling low? Are your energy levels down? Are you a student who needs re-energised with your way of life? Don’t worry, there’s a plan for you too.

With over 10 years experience in all body transformations, we can achieve anything we want to – our results have proven it! We have the plan, together we have the tools and we WILL make this project about U!!!

Why Project:U?

  • We deliver straightforward FUN content and make you feel part of a tight knit community.
  • We know YOU! We are the same… I love food, I love KFC, I love having a drink. I have learnt over the years how to live a life without restrictions but also how to coach people to follow my moto.
  • We understand YOU! You want results, you have limited time but want to maximise results.
  • Every day we sign up people like YOU! Maybe; lacking in confidence, tried every diet in the world, noticing a slight muffin top that wasn’t there 3 months ago, got an upcoming event? Or just simply taking care of everyone else and the moment clicks to say when is it time to take care of myself? We understand you!
  • We are LONG term and sustainable for YOU. It has taken 6-7 years to understand ourselves and how to tap into the mind of the long term… we all love a quick fix, the UK is full of them and takes money from vulnerable people needing results ASAP… “Why don’t you try Keto?”, “Why don’t you go to the local fat fighters club?”…You get weighed, lose 2 pounds, then walk to the chippy to celebrate. How does that make sense!? How many times have you seen Brenda in the office lose 20 pounds then waltz into the office 6 weeks later looking bigger than she did when she first started!
  • Lastly, we care about YOU (that’s it, no bulls^&$!, no spiel), we are passionate about helping as many people as possible and we have the resources, infrastructure and commitment to do so.
  • At Project:U, YOU come first!

The proof is in the pudding.

Sophie (top left) – Estate Agent – Sophie’s before picture came after taking on a less active job. She continued her usual eating and social habits from her previous active job. “Before I knew it, my clothing sizes were going up and up. I didn’t consider that a change in job would have such an effect on my activity level or diet.  “I became tired, lazy and stopped doing the things I loved the most”.

News travelled fast about Project:U. “Project U quickly spotted where I was going wrong. They immediately helped work out my new nutrition goals and came up with a realistic training plan. I’d definitely say they helped me fall back in love with fitness”. Sophie has recently competed in a Cross Fit competition and is planning even more events in the future.  She finally has her Mojo back!

Sean (bottom left) has a wife, two kids and a business to run –  The before picture shows me on the first day I started my mission to lose my gut of shame. I was absolutely sh*&ing myself. I remember it like it was yesterday. I knew this was my best chance at making the changes I needed to. I felt reassured, excited and most importantly, welcome.

440 days later, I have not suffered, not starved myself, I have worked hard and stumbled upon a group of people that genuinely want me to do well. Words can’t describe how much it means to me. Thank you so much Project:U Fitness.




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