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What do you receive?

  • My Profile is your personalised log book of success.
  • You can track your weight with weekly weigh in.
  • Track your bi-weekly measurements, we will even show you how to measure yourself.
  • You can input your steps per day so that you constantly keep a log of your information.
  • Your weight and your inches lost will produce an interactive graph for you to print screen your progress and ‘brag’ about it to your friends and family.
  • My profile also does the maths for you! All you need under one roof!
  • You set a goal and input your weight, it will then create a formula that works out how many calories you need per day to achieve your goal.
  • Not only that it will breakdown your macronutrients for you, may sound all confusing but in the nutrition section we will breakdown the bullsh%^ in the fitness industry and help you formulate a long lasting results platform.
  • My profile will show your story and the best bit…you choose the ending!

Honesty and accountability is the key on ‘My Profile’

You need to remember you are working on yourself, for yourself and by yourself!

  • So if you have a AWFUL week, don’t worry about it, step on the scales and start again.
  • If you went over the top at a staff party and got smashed with Brenda! Don’t worry about it, get measured and start again.
  • If you have forgot to track your food, measurements or ignored Project:U for a few weeks… HOW DARE YOU ? 😉 Only joking, this is a long term platform that you will get results from, not only just in the first six weeks but throughout the year and beyond.
  • I always say ‘what are you going to do in the next 24 hours to get you closer to your goal?’
  • ..I bet the above answer is not dwell 0n the fact you went too far last night and then self-sabotage.
  • ..Sound Familiar? Been there, done that and got the oversized t-shirt!

Lastly, we will be running bi-monthly competitions where we will dish out HUGE prizes to the winner. The winners of our competitions doesn’t necessarily go off weight loss, it could be; effort, determination, photos plus a whole range of other factors.

Remember – The Project is U! 

Quote from the Gaffa

“Welcome to My Profile… well…not my profile (you will see lots of ups and downs on mine but a gradual decrease in weight, as Ronan Keating once said, ‘Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it). “

“YOUR PROFILE. Your engine room which combines all of the tools we give you to see exactly where you are every step of the way.  You’ll see all of the information and answers you need to track your progress every step right here. From regular picture updates, food intake and measurements, your history will see what’s working and allow us to continually analyze and track the direction you’re heading. Please remember weight loss and inches lost is never a straight line, there will be ups and downs but it is patience and consistency that will get you there. “

“We will put you in a private Facebook forum and we will post loads of inspirational and interactive content so you can meet new people too. It’s a great platform as you get support from the trainers here at Project:U and also support from the online crew who are going through the same experiences as you. It is a group that is filled with motivation, knowledge, expertise, love, and all the support you need to reach goal you only ever dreamed of.”

Andrew Sims – Founder, Project:U Online

Look At These Results!

Join 1000’s of clients who have achieved AMAZING RESULTS. If you are interested in getting involved email us at: onlinept@projectufitness.co.uk