• Mindset/Motivation.

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Your Mindset – The Mental Game – Dealing with Life’s Battles and still achieving your goal!

What do you receive?

  • Videos on; goal settings, setbacks, your relationship with food, habits, handling junk food and self sabotage.
  • We ALL understand the struggles! We go through the daily struggles with you from the temptations, to confidence issues. We want to help you and we have a real understanding of what YOU go through on a day per day basis.
  • We will give you the guidance and teach you how to deal with life’s stresses.
  • Advice on how to combat the weekend is ESSENTIAL! We have a fitness studio and have transformed over 1000 clients and we see the trends, Good Monday through till Friday then weekend goes to pot then Sunday day you self sabotage! Sounds familiar?
  • Essential information on how to get out of your rut? We always here that magic word “rut” and even we experience the slow process in life, we will show you how to focus on the positives and also move forward with your journey.
  • The tools to forget about yesterday and focus on today. We put too much emphasis on the past instead of focusing on the next 24 hours in front of you.

Focus on you

Let’s FOCUS on YOU, your mindset and making sure you have the motivation to succeed is important.

  • Pay attention to YOU! – Take stock of the things you’re doing well – Trust me you will be!
  • Time to create YOUR positive mindset.
  • Instead of ‘I can’t do’, it’s time to have the ‘ I can do’ attitude.
  • What is it that triggers you?
  • Let’s get you around like-minded people – You’ll be amazed how many have uncovered the answers to your very problems. You certainly won’t be alone.
  • What will make you happier – Let’s set clear goals.
  • Turn off to the outside ‘noise’ – Time to focus on YOU!

Quote from the Gaffa

“The need, the want, the determination to succeed. The psychological factors that we as individuals all need to drive us to change our behaviour or change our state of mind. Be it a reward, an achievement or that feel good factor. The trigger needs to be the addiction to make it your normal way of living to achieve the way you want to feel in the way you want to live. Not just today and tomorrow… everyday. Your mindset controls your thoughts and beliefs that will ultimately dictate your habits. Comfort eating, binge eating, those late nights snacks… you’ve guessed it, all habits created that your mind controls. Focusing on your journey rather than the end goal, be it short or long term, will see these habits change over time”.

“The mind is a massive element that most PTs in the world won’t touch but with a mindset coach producing videos for us as well as teaching us daily we believe that we have got everything under one roof. P.S. We don’t do hypnotherapy or any crazy sh&*, just advice on how to combat all of today’s stresses in life and how to turn your mind from thinking negatively to positively.”

Andrew Sims – Founder, Project:U Online 

Look at these Results!

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