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Laura’s Review

Prior to Project:U, I was extremely self conscious, I was bigger than I had ever been before and none of my clothes fit me. I wore oversized tops to make sure that I was covered up and wouldn’t ever consider wearing vests or a skirt. Getting dressed up was a definite no no, I just couldn’t face spending hours getting ready, to then feel just as uncomfortable afterwards.

I needed to feel myself again, with so many weddings in 2019, one of which I was to be a bridesmaid for, I needed something to get me into shape. I was also going back to work after 10 months off. I felt if I could be a bit happier and more confident with myself it would make going back a little less daunting. This is why I went to Project:U.

My previous relationship with diets can be described as vast, I have tried Everything! I have joined a load of different gyms in the past, none of which lasted longer than a few months, I wouldn’t dream of going near the weights section and would hide away in the ladies only room on the odd occasion I did show up. In terms of weight loss I tried all of the obvious, weight watchers, slimming world, etc, I had some success but it wasn’t maintainable and all of the weight crept back on twice as fast as I had lost it.

Fast forward 9 months, I feel AMAZING, comfortable and finally happy in my own skin. For the first time ever I feel at ease at a gym.

* I fit into my non stretch high waisted jeans 🙌🏻
* I reached the last notch on my belt
* For the first time in at least 15 years I am not going into January with a weightloss new years resolution.

People ask me why Project:U?
* The staff ask how you are, and care about the answer.
* The staff genuinely care about your progression, and will push you to exceed your goals.
* People of all genders, shapes, sizes, ages and abilities working out together, no judgement only support and encouragement!”

Sean’s Review

If you are a male and can’t relate to fitting into your non-stretch high waisted jeans… what about this quick testimonial from Sean?

“The before picture shows me on the first day I started my mission to lose my gut of shame. I was absolutely sh*&ing myself. I remember it like it was yesterday. I knew this was my best chance at making the changes I needed to. I felt reassured, excited and most importantly, welcome.

440 days later, I have not suffered, not starved myself, I have worked hard and stumbled upon a group of people that genuinely want me to do well. Words can’t describe how much it means to me. Thank you so much Project:U Fitness.”

So what you are waiting for..

I’ve spent years, and thousands of pounds on courses so I can become an expert on fat loss, muscle gain, nutrition and exercise.  All i want to do is pass my best stuff on to you.

If you’re serious about finally getting a body you can be proud of, get involved today. If not now then when?